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Mobilgaz Ltd

Mobilgaz was founded in 2000 by Stefan Nikolaev Stefanov. As a company specializing in the repair and installation of gas LPG-Systems in Stara Zagora. After seven years of hard work, we have acquired a leading position amongst our competitors in the area. This is achieved with both our professional and exemplary attitude towards our clients, as well as the use of the highest quality materials and parts. Mobilgaz bases its philosophy on a number of activities aimed at creating a modern auto service, which strives achieve customer satisfaction. We establish an emphasis on the application of novel innovations and improving the efficiency of our services, as well as for their expansion. We offer fast and efficient service that does not compromise the quality and standards of our company. Our goal is to establish a dynamic, successful and sustainable business with a focus on innovation and motor sports. Our mission is to be the best at what we do and to do it with love and passion.

The team

Stefan Stefanov
Founder and operator of Mobilgaz

 With a degree in Microelectronics from the Technical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Holder of numerous certificates and qualifications from various courses and seminars in the field of LPG-Systems, automotive electronics and auto air conditioning systems. He is creator of "TERI"

Nikolay Stefanov
Electrical engineer

Successfully completed a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Graz in Austria. Took part in the engineering and assembly of Formula Student Racing Cars from 2013 to 2015.Headed numorous projects, two of which are successful projects initiated by Mobilgaz- "SISI" and “TERI". Nikolay is currently involved in professional motor sports.

Tenjo Botev
Chief mechanic

Graduated the school of mechanical engineering in Stara Zagora. Turner by profession with extensive experience in the manufacturing and assembly of components and parts. He specialized in the field of highly accurate measurements of specific components. He acquired three years of experience as chief engineer in automotive complex in Valencia, Spain.