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Problems with the air conditioner?

Travelling comfortably and safely in your own car is an essential part of the driving experience, however a broken air conditioner can disturb the joys of driving.To avoid harmful outflows of the refrigerant, we possess modern Italian technology for the testing and refuelling of the air conditioning system. With its help, we can diagnose any problem that has occurred in the climate system of the car. The machine cleans and refills with the correct amount of refrigerant, as well as it adds a special oil necessary for the performance of the air conditioning compressor.

Air conditioner service and repairs

Freon service

Servicing air conditioning systems of all types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Agricultural machinery 


Full air conditioner diagnostic. 

  • Entire system diagnostic, as well as checking for potential refrigerant leakages (with uv-glasses and detector).


  • Repair and replacement of all components of the air conditioner.