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LPG Injection Systems

Mobilgaz is an automobile service shop specializing in the installation of LPG Injection Systems as well as propane-butane (LPG) and methane (CNG). With seventeen years of experience in this practice, we have numerous certificates and qualifications from various courses and seminars that specialize in the installation and diagnostics of LPG-Systems and equipment. We install LPG-Systems on automobiles with gasoline direct injection engines as well as diesel engines. All systems installed by us meet all European requirements for the quality of the installation. The materials used for the assembly have material certificates 67R and 110R. Our customers receive a complete set of documents and certificates with their system.



  • BRC

LPG Injection Systems for Diesel engines

  • Lpg injection systems for diesel engines contributes to the proper and complete combustion of the fuel mixture, resulting in:
    •  reducing fuel consumption by up to 15% 
    •  increase engine power by up to 20%
  • System may be installed on
    • Cars
    • Trucks 
    • Agricultural machinery 

Lubrication valve system

To extend engine life, we offer a system to lubricate and protect the valves:  

  • Flash Lube 
  •  JLM

Material quality certificates

  • R67
  • R110

Warranty Service

  • All systems installed by us have from 2 to 5  years warranty (depending on the type of system installed) regardless of mileage range.

Some interesting facts about LPG-Systems

More affordable
Average cost of mileage of 100 km = 5 euro

The installation regains its value after the elapse of the first 15 000 km.

Less harmful emission

LPG combustion engines produce up to 30% less CO2 emissions in comparison to gasoline.


LPG-Systems are equipped with a double protection against leakage of gas into the atmosphere in cases of emergency.

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